Auto Wind Customizable Laminating Roller & Unroller

  • Custom engineered solutions

Looking to take your adhesive product to market? Interested in expanding your product line in a new direction? Applewood’s Auto Wind machine serves as a major efficiency upgrade for traditional manufacturers. It provides the capability for functional rolling and lamination of most materials.

Automated Lamination Equipment for Manufacturers

The Auto Wind is a fully automated, standalone piece of equipment that uses your control panels and software programming, as well as that of other vendors that supply parts of your system. Our product pairs smoothly with coater lines and extruder lines, creating a seamless workflow with your existing equipment and enhancing your production.

Unwinding & Rewinding Capabilities for Major Industries

Auto Wind Features & Specifications

The Auto Wind is a low cost, compact solution for your existing coating line. From release paper pickoff to finished master roll production, you’ll experience consistent quality with no tapering or coning.

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Global Installation of Auto Wind Roller & Unroller Equipment

Is your organization ready to enhance manufacturing with a superior product? Applewood’s Auto Wind is the choice for you. To begin, provide us with your product needs and specifications (things like the size, weight, and speed of your existing equipment). This allows us to customize the Auto Wind to serve as an extension of your existing equipment.

After we provide installation and debug services, we offer a one year warranty on our product. We’re confident you’ll experience the improvements you’re seeking. Contact us today!